Family Restaurant

Family Restaurant

Family Restaurant is an easy to play game that test your cooking skills
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Family Restaurant is a game where you have to prepare recipes in a restaurant.
You cook in the kitchen of your father`s restaurant, striving to obtain a 5 star rating. You´ll have to cook multiple dishes at the same time, and invent creative recipes of your own.

In the story mode, you will learn to prepare a recipe before each level. Then you need to prepare your patrons orders in the restaurant.

Your brother will bring you the orders to prepare.

You´ll have to prepare the recipes EXACTLY as they are show on the left of the screen. Every change will be punished. You have certain time to prepare the recipes, if the time finishes, it´s game over. The salads and desserts are more difficult than they appear to be.

You´ll have to prepare things fast enough to complete the target for each level. Accuracy and speed will be evaluated to calculate your score.

In the endless shift mode, you have to prepare the recipes till you lose.

In the Options menu you can adjust the level of the sound and music.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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